Chefchaouen - The Blue City

The stunning City of Chefchaouen is located in Morocco's Rif Mountains. This has to be one of the most beautiful places I've seen in my life. I thought this place deserved its own blog post, the remaining photos from my visit to Morocco will follow soon.

Chefchaouen was painted blue by the Jewish refugees who lived there during the 1930's. The beauty of Chefchaouen's mountainous surroundings are enhanced by the contrast of the brightly painted medina (old town). It is this beauty and the relaxed atmosphere of the town that makes Chefchaouen very attractive to visitors. The doors are blue, sidewalks are blue, stairs are blue, it seems like everything is blue, welcome to Chefchaouen, the Blue City!  If blue is your favourite colour, you may as well just move here.

If you're visiting Fes, I'd highly recommend using Fes City Tours for a day trip to this wonderful city.  My driver Moha was the nicest, friendliest and most welcoming person I met during my time in Morocco.

Enjoy.   I think I'm going to print all of these and dedicate a wall of my flat to Chefchaouen.