Deer Park Country House Wedding Photography - Jo & Jezz

Deer Park Country House Hotel was chosen as the Devon wedding venue for Jo and Jezz's big day. Being an April wedding, the couple weren't expecting a hot summer day, but at Deer Park Country House, the sun arrived as an extra, and very welcome guest.

There was a subtle Alice in Wonderland theme with lots of little details - a 'Drink Me' bottle of homemade flavoured vodka, a treasure hunt, 'Eat Me' sweets, the White Rabbit, Jo's blue shoes and a Wonderland inspired collection of assorted cakes and sweet treats.

The ceremony itself was low key and very relaxed, as the legal part had been done prior to this informal celebration with friends and family. Jo and Jezz sat side by side on a chaise lounge, sipping champagne with their guests, as a friend of the family presided over the ceremony. Even the speeches were quirky and  informal, as the wedding party gave speeches in the lounge over tea and cake.

Jo and Jezz's decision to separate the formalities and the celebration really paid off, and this wedding in the unexpected sunshine made this a very fun day and will be fondly remembered by everyone who attended.

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