My Favourite 10 Photos from 2015

I prefer to call this list more of a top 10 favourite photographs of 2015 rather than the “best of". It's been a very busy and successful year, so it's pretty hard to get this list down to just 10, but the following are the photos that are significant to me and really make me proud. In no particular order:

1.  Blur at Isle of Wight Festival

Photographing music performances is often very difficult, as we are usually only give the first 3 numbers. The goal is to capture the energy of the moment and the performance. This shot with Damon amongst the crowd during their headline slot really captures the energy of the moment perfectly.

2. Preen by Thomas Bregazzi - Spring/Summer show at London Fashion Week (City Hall)

I love fashion shows where the location is as much a part of the show as the clothes. For London Fashion Week in September, Preen went above and beyond and used the magnificent architecture of City Hill as it's backdrop.

3. Mont Saint-Michel, France

Driving to Mont Saint-Michel, I noticed this view and loved the way the Citadel of Mont Saint-Michel and the golden corn field looked like a scene from the Wizard of Oz. A nice change from the normal photos of this landmark.

4. Ella & Ben at Banburgh Castle

Shooting a Wedding at such an iconic venue was an absolute joy. The only problem was the Wedding was in the evening, and the couple wanted photos with the castle as the backdrop.   So, 9am the next morning, Ella threw her dress back on and we headed to the beach to be greeted with this amazing weather (on 1st November!). Lighting from the front to compensate the strong sunlight, I love the shadows on the grass almost framing the couple with the hazy castle imposing in the background.

5. The City from Crystal Palace

Having just had a meeting in Crystal Palace I stumbled across this incredible view of London. Luckily I had my camera with me. The row of houses and the telephone wires giving perfect framing around the city's skyscrapers. 

6. Billy Idol at Isle of Wight Festival

Although not my best music photo by far, it has still made my favourites list due to the fact I had the worst hayfever imaginable and couldn't see a thing. I had to open my eyes briefly to sense the light and then take the photo. Not something I want to go through again, but proud of myself for carrying on.  

7. The crowd at Roskilde Festival.

During Muse's set, I decided to take a walk to the back to get a few atmosphere photos of the iconic stage. This girl on shoulders was in the perfect place when there as a huge burst of light from the stage.

8. Georgina and Matt's Wedding at Aynhoe Park

Such a weird and wonderful venue. Aynhoe Park in Oxfordshire is a quirky wonderland of collectables and taxidermy set in a stunning stately home. Everything was just perfect with this wedding, and Matt & Georgina were the ideal couple for this quirky venue.

9. London Aquatics Centre, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London

A photographers dream of lines and curves. Such a stunning building, and I love this angle taken with the footbridge overhead.

10. Juliet & Patrick's first kiss

Newlands Chapel is a quaint little intimate wedding venue in Kent. When I'm the only photographer, I'd usually I'd try and get the first kiss shot from the front, but the I felt a shot from the back showing the intimacy and the stunning venue combined with this key moment would work much better.