The Wedding of Harriet & Ali - Westcott, Surrey.

From the moment that I first met Harriet and Ali, I knew that capturing their joyful style was going to be loads of fun. My first glimpse on the day of Harriet and also the grinning groom Ali, surrounded by his beaming buddies, convinced me instantly that we were headed into a day of heartfelt celebration.

I could tell immediately that my coverage of this wedding would read less like a formal portrayal, and more like an editorial on how to throw jitters aside and revel in tying the marriage knot!

Intimate and sweet, the ceremony was held in an enchanting village church. After they said their vows, Harriet and Ali were ready to party! They journeyed to the reception in style, reclining in the back seat of a gleaming vintage Brenchley Landaulette.  It was truly the perfect car for this couple, as a combination of traditional class and modern down-to-earth fun.

Held in an elegant marquee at her parents’ picturesque home in Westcott, Surrey, I couldn’t have asked for a better photography backdrop for the reception. The soft, tasteful table settings and lush outdoor greenery highlighted the pure, easy beauty of the whole wedding party.

Gathered together, Harriet’s friends and family coordinated naturally with the flowers and vines. In black tailcoats, Ali and his bunch of friends provided bold visual accents that livened up all the pictures. Yet despite their tailored jackets, this bunch of guys were pros at making the wedding feel like an informal party.

This was a wedding where "happiness all around" was the motto. Not only were the bride and groom glowing constantly with bliss, but every single guest – family and friends alike – beamed with pleasure for Harriet and Ali. From the early hours of the day until the festivities wound down, it was impossible for me to capture a moment that didn’t feature smiles!