Humanist Wedding Photography // Britt and Damian

 Britt and Damian Wedding C

Increasingly more and more couples are opting for Humanist wedding ceremonies allowing them the freedom to be in control of every detail of their big day and thus making the occasion even more personal and intimate. Britt and Damian’s Warwickshire wedding epitomised everything that makes humanist ceremonies awe-inspiring.

The South African couple wed at a family friend’s country house, in the stunning Warwickshire countryside. The golden, rolling hills surrounding the property not only provided the perfect backdrop for photos, but also looked beautiful in the soft, summer evening light.

You could truly feel that at Britt and Damian’s beautifully tailored wedding was infused with personal touches and chic bohemian elements - rustic boutonnières, meadow flowers in the bouquet, and small blossoms weaved in Britt’s wavy hair.

The London-based couple embraced their native African roots by having a braai - a traditional South African barbecue - at their wedding reception. Before the dancing commenced inside the marquee and fields, family and friends shared stories and gave heart-warming speeches commemorating the newlyweds.

Britt and Damian’s wedding day was filled with ease, sweet festivity, and closeness - everything that a humanist outdoor wedding is all about.

Second Photographer - Andie Moore Photography