Layer Marney Tower Wedding Photography // Susanne and Andy

Layer Marney Wedding Photography - Andy and Susanne-039.jpg

What better way to celebrate a wedding early in the year than to do it in a Tudor palace. Susanne and Andy did just that and got married at Layer Marney Tower in Essex.

The beautiful brick and terracotta building has stood through time since the early 16th century. Not only is it the tallest gatehouse in Britain, but has been a favoured Essex wedding venue for over 25 years. All the architectural details at Layer Marney Tower provide a nice backdrop for wedding photos.

This day was all about the carefully selected features that made Susanne and Andy's wedding extra special. The venue was generously decorated with lush garden-style flowers that ranged from white and pink pastel tones to deep burgundy. The Country Garden Flower Company truly managed to capture the English countryside wedding vibes to the fullest. And what's great - the flowers are locally grown 5 miles from Colchester in a Georgian wall-enclosed garden by owners Patrick and Sheree.

The bride arrived at the ceremony in a remarkable 1931 Rolls Royce four-door limousine (coachwork by Maythorn & Son Ltd.) provided by the venue. The black and burgundy classic car was an outstanding contrast to the peaceful countryside surrounding the Layer Marney Tower.

Since I transitioned from my Canon DSLR setup to using Fuji X mirrorless cameras, I've been able to capture weddings like this in an even more intimate way than before. It is always very special to be with the couple from the first moments of getting ready throughout to reception, capturing the anticipation and joy from everyone present.

This was a completely vegan wedding, too. Everything from food to sweets and treats, and the wedding cake, which was made with vegan buttercream, was vegan and gluten-free. It's great to see that it's becoming easier than ever to celebrate any occasion without worrying about making compromises due to dietary requirements.

I am very much looking forward to photographing another wedding at the majestic Layer Marney Tower later this year.