Sussex Barn Wedding Photography - Ina & Tim

Sometimes the simplest, natural things are the best. To me, Ina and Tim's wedding is a real testament to this way of thinking, as they managed to centre the celebration of their joining together around three important things: family, friends and fun.

Perhaps what helped the happy couple to keep things loose, calm and joyful was that they had opted to do the legal ceremony a few months earlier. In my opinion, this worked to their advantage as it took away the formal side of things and gave everyone the chance to sit back and enjoy being a part of their personal, customised ceremony. Having this time to enjoy and digest the formal ceremony no doubt helped Ina and Tim in terms of nerves, whilst getting the legal obligations out the way. 

Their marriage meant the joining of two very distant cultures together. Ina is originally from the Midwestern American state of Missouri, whilst Tim's family have Scottish roots. The couple chose to draw their two families together in the idyllic, picturesque English countryside.

Hellingly, a rural village in East Sussex, has more than its fair share of tranquil, inspirational landscapes (how about the Horselunges Manor, which was featured in the opening scene in Led Zeppelin's film, The Song Remains the Same?!). However, I believe the couple found a real gem of a location: The Sussex Barn. This picturesque site was built over 400 years ago and has been listed as a grade two building. Located on a working farm, it was cleared out and spruced up in 2008 to become a beautiful wedding venue and has been in demand ever since. 

The detail in Ina and Tim's wedding amplified the overall country feel, whilst still keeping fun at the core. Wildflower bouquets adorned the barn, complimenting the rich wooden beams of the barn, whereas the overall rustic atmosphere was emphasised by simple, brilliant touches, such as hay bales for guests to relax on - a fitting tribute to the barn itself. And with the importance of family at their wedding, what better way to celebrate and embrace this than to have a relative make the wedding dress? Ina's sister, who has a clear talent for textiles and design, created a luscious, rich and personal design, adding a real intimate touch and ensuring what Ina was wearing was for the bride and the bride alone. There was even a tongue-in-cheek, handmade signpost on location, signalling the thousands of miles the two families span across (4401 miles to Missouri). 

The images my second photographer Yuliya and I were able to produce for their special day were fitting to what they were like as a couple on the day. My images reflected the fact the wedding was personalised, full of a calm atmosphere and very heartfelt. In all, my role as photographer was an absolute joy to manage for Ina and Tim and I am very happy with the end results. The cliche of a good picture telling a story; in the case of this wedding, it was extremely easy to achieve...